Valdelia's eco-contribution


By Benoit Simonneau

As part of the "Grenelle Environment Forum" and in accordance with article R.543-244 of the implementation decree, please note that as of 1 May 2013, the mandatory eco-contribution will be added to the sale price.

This eco-contribution will not be subject to any reimbursement or trade discount and will be subject to VAT. This eco-contribution will therefore be applied to all our invoices issued from 1 May 2013.

The prices excluding VAT currently listed on our quotes do not take into account the eco-contribution, since it will only apply after the entry into force of this regulation.

1- What is eco-contribution ?

Eco-contribution is the amount paid by companies to their eco-organisation for placing a product on the market. It allows funding for:

  • The costs of the professional furniture waste management scheme: collection, processing, traceability and quality monitoring of services.
  • Communication and research and development costs.

Eco-contribution is:

  • Visible until 1 January 2021;
  • Clearly displayed at each sales outlet and on all marketing materials;
  • Added to the sale price;
  • Paid by the end client;
  • Not subject to discounts;
  • Subject to VAT;

The eco-contribution and all related obligations must be displayed for each new furniture item sold from 1 May 2013.
DPC Diagram explaining Valdelia


DPC Schéma explication Valdélia

* 1 What is VALDELIA ?

Valdelia is a not-for-profit organisation undergoing government approval for the French professional furniture waste management scheme, in accordance with decree No.2012-22 of 6 January 2012. Valdelia was created in 2011 by 13 companies specialising in the manufacture of professional furniture in order to set up a collective service for professional waste management. Valdelia provides marketers who sell professional furniture with a mutual turnkey project which allows them to respond to their new regulatory obligations in terms of professional furniture waste management.

* 2 What is a marketer ?

According to article R 543-242 of the decree, "A marketer is a professional who manufactures, imports or introduces for the first time on the national market furniture to be given or sold with or without cost to an end user, regardless of the method of sale, or for direct use in the country.

In the event that the elements are given or sold using a dealer or outsourcer’s brand and the usage of said brand is laid out in a contractual document, the dealer or outsourcer is considered to be the marketer.".

2- The cost of the eco-contribution

Eco-contribution will be applied to all invoices issued from 01/05/13.

The amount of the eco-contribution, which has been set for 2103 and depends on weight, is slightly different according to product family: €0.096/kg for seating, €0.111/kg for storage units, €0.098/kg for planks, boards and work surfaces and €0.123/kg for other furniture products. Our product weights are shown on our data sheets.

For any further questions on this matter, please visit the VALDELIA website: